Siege of Mytra


Siege of Mytra is a long-term project started on February 2022

Completed roadmap

  • Initial idea incubation stage and project design
  • Start of backend development under WAX Blockchain
  • Community First Contact
  • Press Release launched
  • Website launch
  • Internal MVP on WAX Testnet (iOS)
  • Whitelist on AtomicHub
  • Launch of first Community Campaigns
  • Classic Booster Packs Presale
  • Whitepaper First version
On-going and Coming-soon roadmap
  • Community Giveaways (Art and LORE Contests)
  • Attracting sponsors and partnerships through game promotion and collaborations
  • Whitelist on Neftyblocks
  • Promotional Trailer
  • AMA Videos on Youtube
  • Open MVP on WAX Testnet (iOS and Android) under whitelist
  • Game Release on WAX Mainnet (iOS and Android)

Future roadmap

  • Classic Packs only obtenibles ingame
  • Rank Battles System
  • Seasonal Rewards based on Rank
  • Power-ups items shop in-game
  • Battle Pass with daily rewards
  • New Game Expansions
  • Release of Spriggan, Orc and Ogre races
  • New Castles based on each race
  • New Troops based on each race
  • New Magic Items
  • New Human Classes
  • New Mercenaries
  • Extra new ingame features such as Avatars, Ranking Matchs, Season Rankings, among others)
  • Development of Map view of Mytra
  • Sale of Lands