Siege of Mytra


Discover the crew behind Siege of Mytra.
Siege of Mytra is an ambitious game is beign developed by the Spanish video game studio Onikami Games under the philosophy of producing real and entertaining games on the blockchain.
Along with the Onikami Developer Core, we have several moderators and a community that energizes and has great interest in our projects.

Jouse Márquez

👋 CEO — 🇪🇸 Seville (GMT)
Jouse has extensive experience in the direction and coordination of projects within the audiovisual world and software development. Also he's a passionate and geek profile involved in all key decisions from game design and marketing campaigns in Onikami Games.
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Ramón López

👋 CTO — 🇪🇸 Barcelona (GMT)
Manuel Ramón is a developer with extensive experience in software development with more than 30 years between computers and electronic components. He has held various positions of responsibility with different characteristics such as a programmer, database administrator, analyst, team leader, and instructor in university-level courses, among other occupations. In each of his jobs and projects he has had to acquire new knowledge and skills, showing in all of them a high capacity for adaptation.

Carlos Chinesta

👋 Art Director — 🇯🇵 Osaka (GMT+9)
Carlos has been dedicating myself to the world of photography and professional graphic design for more than 13 years. I have worked for music groups in Norway, posters for movies in Spain, advertisements in Japan, South Korea, USA.
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