Siege of Mytra

Content Creator Program

On June we launched the Content Creator program. This program is focused on create new content about the game looking for spread the game visibility on Youtube and other social networks platforms.

What we could offer:

  • NFTs to raffle with the creator community. Depending on how big the impacts are we can offer a larger amount.
  • Special role in the game's Discord server. In this way the content creators will be recognisable and will be able to interact with each other.
  • Together with the moderators, the content creators will know in advance all the development steps before any user, so they can generate niche content in their language in advance.
  • You will have at your disposal all the "clean" graphics of the game that you need to create the audiovisual pieces
  • We are giving away a Skin from the Special Content Creators range, which will be used within the game and will have a limited print run (so it will have a high value for collectors).

What we could ask:

  • At least one video for the YouTube platform reporting on the project with clear and promotional information.
  • If you have a Discord or Telegram channel, at least organise an AMA with a member of the Onikami team to answer questions about the game.
  • Interaction with Onikami's publications about Siege of Mytra and future projects.
Send your inquires and stats to: [email protected]

Content Creators videos