Siege of Mytra

Economy in Siege of Mytra

A continually burnable economy

More players > Castles drop $DOBLON > Burn of $DOBLON because Armies' Salary > Token Utilities > Token price rises.


Siege of Mytra is closely connected with the game ecosystem, and its value will be directly related to the success of the project.
Token is deflationary. Players/investors will be encouraged to hold and lead to natural and healthy price growth. This will be achieved in the following ways: $DOBLON will be required as the main form of in-game currency. Players need $DOBLON to pay Troops Salaries, upgrade the Castles levels, stake to get daily rewards, purchase items, etc. In addition, all purchase and payment expenses will be burned. With the development of the ecosystem, Token will have deflation naturally and makes $DOBLON more valuable.
Players will be able to withdraw their $DOBLON daily to their gaming wallet a maximum of 50% of his/her total $DOBLON balance. No tax will be applied in withdraw transactions.

The changes of Game Rules

By starting the game with a free Castle (not NFT), the player will be able to start their play-to-earn career at the minimum cost. The player will need to purchase the Apprentice Pack from the in-game store which will allow him to unlock all the play-to-earn options of the game and recover his investment thanks to the $DOBLON and the sale of NFT created in the game.


Siege of Mytra stands out in an interesting collection of NFTs with professional designs, from the most austere Magic Item to the most valuable Mercenary. Therefore, within the types of NFT there are different acquisition rarities that make it a challenge to collect them all.