Siege of Mytra

In game shop

The in-game store is a dispensable feature within an NFT game, allowing the $DOBLONS used to purchase FTs and NFTs to be burned, helping sustain the in-game economy.


Two types of packs will be released for sale in game launch.

Apprentice Pack

Apprentice Pack
Purchasing the Apprentice Pack allow the player to unlock the following game actual and future features that are blocked in the Free to play version of Siege of Mytra.

Apprentice Pack perks and features:

  • Allow to purchase Packs in-game
  • Allow to withdraw $DOBLON tokens from the game
  • Initial pack of Troops ready to battle
  • Unlock Ranked Battles
  • Unlock Seasonal Ranked Rewards
  • 1x Random Mercenary (Non NFT)
Only one Apprentice Pack is available per account.
Price: $5 in USD

Base Booster Pack

Unlike the Classic Booster Packs from drops in Summer 2022, the Base Booster Packs include Regular Base NFTs with similar features to Classic Regular NFTs but not counting the 2% $DOBLON bonus stolen from the opponent after victory.
Style: Black bordered NFT
This pack contains 4 differents NFT according on this distribution:
  • Slot 1: Human Castle Level 1–100%
  • Slot 2: Random Human Hero (2 differents) — 99%
  • Slot 3: Random Mercenary (7 differents) — 99%
  • Slot 4: Random Magic Item (14 differents) — 99%
1% on Heroes, Mercenaries and Magic Items for Golden NFT!
Follow this link with the chances of each NFT: Probability Chart
This pack guarantees a full operative Castle ready to play, produce troops, attack new enemies and farm $DOBLON.
Price: $25 in USD

Power Ups

Power-up items allow you to amplify your chances of victory in battle. These items are paid for with $DOBLON.
  • Life Potions: restore the Heroes and Mercenaries' coldown after a lost battle.
  • Castle Domes: temporary protection that prevents your Castle from being attacked.
  • Holy Bell: apply more Moral to your units in the next battle.
  • Dark Grimorium: apply Fear to enemies units in the next batlle.
  • Liquid Midas: sum a 5% of $DOBLON reward during 1 turn.