Siege of Mytra


Welcome to Siege of Mytra's official documentation and help check point. Last updated December 2022
Siege of Mytra is an iOS and Android exclusive RPG strategy NFT game developed by an experienced group of game developers on the WAX Blockchain. The game feature classical asynchronous battle game on unique play and craft to-earn mechanics that allow players to play, collect and evolve their reigns to became the Lanslord on this fantasy medieval like world. Produce, grow, battle and smash your enemies!
Siege of Mytra has the following features:
⚔️ Start an Empire of Castles under your orders
⚔️ Fight against other players in an asynchronous combat system and steal their $DOBLON
⚔️ Level up your Castles to discover new troops, farm more $DOBLON and get NFT only obtainable in-game.
⚔️ Review all your past matches to show your communities and friends!
⚔️ Discover a wide range of power ups that will help you create the best strategy on the battlefield.
⚔️ And very soon you will be able to play ranked matches to earn rewards every battle season, use skins to tint the Heroes' armor and much more!
Pack Sale (15th July - 3rd September):
NFT Collection on NeftyBlocks: